New showroom for Beyond the Blue

The recent Covid pandemic did, believe it or not, did also have some positive effects. As the entertainment industry came to an almost complete stand still, Philippine based BTB (Beyond The Blue) used the lock down periods to create and install their impressive new showroom in their Quezon city based premises. As being one of the leading entertainment equipment distributors we were planning for some time already to design a showroom for the customers coming to visit us from all over the country and obviously seeing, hearing the equipment is still most preferable.

The SIXTY82 grid we have installed is containing M29S square truss which is in respect of running meters our customers favourite choice. This set up of having an grid with several cross spans allows us not only to put the Protos Voyager hoists at any position in the showroom but also creates rigging points at almost every point which enables us to also chain quickly the design in respect of light fixtures, Line Array systems and LED screens etc. as Joey Liza, sales manager for BTB commented