SIXTY82 Doughty Asia (SDA) offers a unique service for inspection, testing and certification of rigging equipment for the entertainment industry in the Asian region and beyond. This service has been launched as a brand: Service Department. The service Department can service any entertainment industry related rigging gear product, regardless of brand or manufacturer and is unique in that the servicing can either take place on-site, or in our Kuala Lumpur Testing facility.

The Service Department utilises skilled and experienced staff to conduct periodic
inspection, certification and where needed, repairs. SDA is fully certified by the JKKP,
the Malaysian department for occupational safety and health, which is governed by
the Malaysian ministry of human resources.

What we do

Periodic inspection

Periodic inspection can contain the following tests, inspection and registration
depending on the guidelines provided by the manufacturer of the items specified.
Aside from that, rigging equipment specialised for the entertainment industry
required inspection at least once a year.

  • Our trained technicians perform a visual inspection in accordance with the
    manufacturer’s specifications or structural report.
  • A comprehensive Service Department checklist is used, which is saved and filed.
  • If applicable, the gear will be subjected to a dynamic load test.
  • Similarly, if possible and necessary, a static load test is next on the list.
  • Working conditions of electrical components in terms of grounding/earthing proper
    protective insulation and power leakage, will be inspected to prevent any form of
    electrocution in accordance with EU/EN3149.
  • Periodic inspections are generally required annually, unless specified otherwise by rules
    and laws for specific industries or usages. More frequent inspections could also be
    required if circumstances demand as such. These circumstances include miss-use,
    accidents and damage.
  • All inspections are in compliance with JKKP and European as well as our own high


  • After maintenance or rejection, the equipment will be approved or discarded based on
    manufacturers specifications.
  • You receive a physical certificate accredited by SIXTY82 Doughty Asia indicating the.
  • The certificate is saved in the Service Department database and you will receive a
    reminder for recertification annually, you will never work with unsafe equipment again!

Equipment we can service for you

  • Manual and electrical chain hoists
  • Truss components and connection items
  • Manual and electrical winches
  • Wind up stands
  • Load cells
  • Shackles, steels, round slings, clamps, chain and assemblies of components
  • Fixed rigging points

Recertification charges, including labor and certificate


  • 01 to 4 units RM450.00 per unit nett
  • 5 to 10 units RM450.00 per unit with 10% discount
  • 11 to 20 units RM450.00 per unit with 20% discount
  • 21 units & Above RM450.00 per unit with 30% discount

Rest of the world

  • 01 to 4 units Euro 95.00 per unit nett
  • 5 to 10 units Euro 95.00 per unit with 10% discount
  • 11 to 20 units Euro 95.00 per unit with 20% discount
  • 21 units & Above Euro 95.00 per unit with 30% discount

    Product & Fault Details


    The items planned for inspection/repair must have:
    - SWL or WLL rating
    - A manufacturers ID plate

    Videos and/or pictures are very helpful to make an accurate assessment of the potential repair.

    Usually, manufacturers produce equipment according to specific local or international standards and regulations in order to guarantee the safety of their equipment. Without original documents and original identification, it is impossible to service the product according to these standards and regulations.

    In addition to the above we will also inspect the product according to European standards. Please note that we will never charge for any unquoted work without first consulting you.