Huge Shipment of SIXTY82 Folding Truss Lands in The Philippines

The bigger the job, the heavier the load.

More often than not, that’s the reality of modern rigging set-ups.
With this in mind, Quezon City based Forsk Ink, one of The Philippines most prominent “one stop” rigging and staging rental companies, recently took delivery of their first batch of SIXTY82 “big fold” truss. The XL 101F one-meter-high folding truss offers an impressive maximum span of 36m while still being able to carry a point load of nearly 1Ton!

Due the folding principle, the storage and transportation space can be reduced to merely a third of its unfolded volume, thus creating huge savings in transport and warehouse occupancy. The shipment consisted of more than 125 meters of 1, 2 and 3 meter sections as well as tower model L sleeve blocks, suitable for both XL101F foldable and L52S non-foldable 52cm truss.
Philip Santos, President and owner of Forsc Ink commented;“We are seeing strong traffic increase in Metro Manila, which will most likely only increase after the pandemic, which we all hope will behind us later this year. This new folding truss enables us to use our existing truck fleet, while still being able to transport the ever-growing truss spans we require, thanks to the huge potential for volume saving.”“The new sleeve blocks will fit not only the new folding truss, but also accommodate our existing S52 Prolyte truss and towers, which will make it very easy for us to use SIXTY82 trusses and towers in our future projects.”